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TIC Bubble Office Mailers & Padded Shipping Envelopes Businesses in Bulk

(60 customer reviews)


Item Weight ‎0.48 ounces
Product Dimensions ‎10.59 x 6.77 x 0.24 inches
Color ‎Brown
Closure ‎Self-Seal
Material Type ‎Paper
Number of Items ‎1
Size ‎25 Count (Pack of 1)
Sheet Size ‎4 x 8
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About this item

Shipping is costly and there’s always the risk of your fragile items getting damaged during transit. Save money on package costs and 80% on product value with our padded shipping envelope for less than the price of a non-essential item. Sometimes, these minor cost reductions can have huge implications later on your bottom line. Ship breakable items in our padded envelope to save hassle and money! You can even get them plain or print them in bulk to have customizing options when ordering.

They are much safer than regular envelopes and a much cheaper and environmentally friendly alternative to wrapping paper. We offer cost-to-ship padded envelopes in various sizes. Just choose from the drop-down menu what sizes work best for you! They’re watertight, double-reinforced. These cute USPS Padded Envelopes Mailers have 3/16 Air bubble protection to protect those precious items inside! All envelopes are made from 100% sturdy brown kraft paper with a high percentage of recycled content. Innovate your packing with these sturdy, breathable envelopes. Send clothing, crayons, and all other merchandise in style. Keep the post office happy with our protective, luxury kraft bubble mailers. Save money on packaging with these luxury Padded Shipping Envelopes. If you are still looking forking for the quantity you like, feel free to contact us and we can set up any amount that works for you!

– Bags are moisture and puncture-resistant.
– Shock Resistant, Waterproof, Dustproof,
– Recyclable, biodegradable
– No additional cushioning is needed.
– Pull tab tear strip for easy opening.
– These cute Mailers have 3/16 Air bubble protection to protect those precious items!
– Tints may vary slightly from monitor to monitor.

Things You Can Ship with Padded Shipping Envelopes to Save your Money:

  1. Jewelry
  2. Books
  3. Metal art pieces
  4. Mobile Device
  5. Jeans
  6. Winter Clothes
  7. Shoe


Package Includes: 25/50/100 packs for your choice



Available Size: 

Color Size Quantity
Brown 4×8 inch 25 pcs
Brown 6×9 inch 25 pcs
Brown 6×10 inch 25 pcs
Brown 7.25×12 inch 25 pcs
Brown 8×12 inch 25 pcs
Brown 8.5×12 inch 25 pcs
Brown 8.5×14.5 inch 25 pcs
Brown 9.5×13.5 inch 25 pcs
Brown 10.5×14.5 inch 25 pcs
Brown 1.05×15 inch 25 pcs
Brown 10.5×16 inch 25 pcs


Key features: 

  • Lightweight cushion bubble office mailers can reduce postage costs; they are ideal for online sellers shipping handmade goods, resellers using an online marketplace, or small businesses sending products to customers.
  • 100% new materials which can be reused and are environment friendly, there is no glue between the PE bubble and the Kraft bubble office Mailers.
  • Made of 110gsm Kraft paper with a bubble lining inside, it’s quakeproof and waterproof.
  • Self-adhesive tape with strong stickiness on the envelope flap makes packing secure, easy, and convenient; it is the perfect replacer for the wood box and paper box for the package.
  • These bubble-lined mailing envelopes have a Redi-Strip peel and seal closure for a clean, sanitary seal – no moisture necessary; pull off the strip from the padded envelope and press closed.
  • Similar Product: Waterproof Mailing Envelopes

People often wonder, “What’s the difference between bubble shipping padded envelopes and other ‘cardboard’ shipping envelopes?” 

The main difference between shipping padded envelopes and other ‘cardboard’ shipping envelopes is the presence of padded material within the envelope. Shipping padded envelopes typically have an outer layer made of durable materials such as paper or plastic, and an inner layer lined with a soft, cushioned material such as foam or bubble wrap. This padded material provides extra protection to the envelope’s contents during shipping, helping to prevent damage from impacts, shocks, and other hazards.

In contrast, traditional ‘cardboard’ shipping envelopes are typically made of stiff paper or cardboard without added padding. While these envelopes can be suitable for shipping items that are less fragile or that can withstand a certain amount of movement and jostle during shipping, they may not provide adequate protection for more delicate or valuable items.

Overall, shipping padded envelopes is a more secure option for shipping items that require additional protection, such as electronics, jewelry, or other delicate items. However, if you’re shipping items that are less fragile or don’t require as much protection, traditional cardboard envelopes may be a more cost-effective choice.

Additional information


4×8 inch, 6×9 inch, 6×10 inch, 7.25×12 inch, 8×12 inch, 8.5×12 inch, 8.5×14.5 inch, 9.5×13.5 inch, 10.5×14.5 inch, 1.05×15 inch, 10.5×16 inch

60 reviews for TIC Bubble Office Mailers & Padded Shipping Envelopes Businesses in Bulk

  1. Mehadi Hasan

    These bubble envelopes have a sturdy feel to them. The adhesive on the flap works fine. I use these to mail e-commerce businesses. I am not concerned about them getting damaged in the mail. Shipping was quick and the price is very reasonable.

  2. Shaun white

    I like the flexibility of these envelopes. I use them for shipping earrings and other jewellery items. I reinforce the seal with clear tape. Love the size. Not too bulky as many others. Perfect for my needs. Will definitely re-order.Highly recommended.

  3. Anne rosela

    I’ve ordered these mailers many times. They are the perfect size for the small handmade products I ship. They are sturdy and seal well. I write by hand the shipping address and they take well to regular pens and the Micron pens I normally use. You get a generous amount of mailers for a good price.

  4. Aiden markram

    These envelopes are perfect for shipping library books. They provide just enough protection while being light and easy to work with. The padding is bubble wrap, so you don’t have the mess of shredded paper or other packing material if the envelope is cut. We find these are durable enough to reuse several times.

  5. John wright

    These are exactly what I wanted at a price I was willing to pay. A great product!

  6. Maria merry

    My Daughter uses these for shipping items across the country for items she sells on line.
    Easy to use seal great and durable.

  7. Rebecca

    Envelopes arrived RIPPED, and the glue in ‘self-sealing’ is inferior!!
    Please send a complimentary package with NO RIPS ???? Thank you????❣️

  8. Jamie Garman

    Great product other than being all scrunched up on the tops where the flap seals envelope shut

  9. BrlChickenwhisperer

    I really like these envelopes but I gave it less stars because they are so incredibly expensive! I use them to mail Braille and they work beautifully for this purpose. They will hold my 8 1/2 x 11 pages of Braille to send wherever I need him to go and The Braille arrive sharp and crisp.

  10. Lin

    I’ve ordered these mailers many times. They are the perfect size for the small handmade products I ship. They are sturdy and seal well. I write by hand the shipping address and they take well to regular pens and the Micron pens I normally use. You get a generous amount of mailers for a good price.

  11. Connor Gillespie

    Great product I would like lines to write an address but it makes sense not to have one because of labels

  12. Nufangld

    Can’t believe how good these are, and at a fraction the cost of others.

  13. Colossus1

    I got these to mail compact discs. The first recipient of my generosity remarked at length on the envelope’s fine qualities.

  14. S. McCann

    Outstanding and durable! My go to for mailing all sorts of items.

  15. Gail

    I do a lot of shipping as an eBay seller and have never had a problem using these.

  16. Jeremey Southall

    No issues here. I use these to ship sportscards and they protect the cards and seal up nicely. I found these to be the best deal.

  17. JuJu

    I needed to ship 2 big books through media mail and this does the job perfectly! The regular 10.5in is too tight and adding any bubble wrap for protection is out of the question. With this one, I was able to fit everything and still has some room left. My friends all received their Christmas presents without any damages.

  18. Beth Whalen

    These were perfect. I had looked all over the place and not found any this size with padding so I was desperate. Thought I was getting two at this price but got five, so I’m even more pleased! The adhesive is great, and it’s a great value. The bubbles weren’t flat, either.

  19. Debbie

    Arrived before stated delivery date. Envelopes are good quality. Will order again if needed.

  20. Oksana

    Came on time. Bigger than I thought which is good. Has bubble traps in to protect iteams from getting broken or lost. Will buy again

  21. Rissa

    I often sell items online & was looking to buy packages in more bulk sizes to save money. I bought a 10 pack to test them out first & I’m really happy with them! They’re padded with bubblewrap & hold up great! The self adhesive is nice, but I will say it works best if you slowly peel the sticker off. I did it fast once & it took some of the adhesive off with it. Overall, very happy with these packages & plan to buy more soon!

  22. Airhead

    This was a great product just a bit too big

  23. Dotty

    Practical envelopes without spending a lot.

  24. Gregory

    Great bubble envelopes at a great price. Hold (3) 8 by 10’s with room even with 2 pieces of 1/8 inch cardboard

  25. Jim

    Nice envelopes, good quality and serve the purpose well.

  26. Terrell Collins

    The envelopes are pretty thick and a nice size. I love them and will be reordering soon

  27. Tim Suda

    I use these envelops to ship out small quantities of lapel pins and these hold up very well for delivery. Small enough to easily fit in mail boxes, but enough padding to support the weight and pointy parts of the pin.

  28. Terry Oliver

    I bought these because I need them to send small things. Couldn’t find them anywhere…they are so light they don’t even register on the scale. The adhesive strip is good and the bubbles inside are adequate, so if something I send is fragile I can use a bit more bubble wrap and that’s enough. The price was excellent for 50 of them.

  29. V.P.

    The bubble wrap itself, inside of the envelope wasn’t fully attached in mine. It creates a VERY narrow and restricted opening on what could be placed into these. For instance a normal thank you card cannot be fit into this package, even if curled slightly. Ive tried plenty of other bubble mailers where the same cards can fit with no problems. Most likely will not purchase again. Crinkles VERY easily and looks very rough when just normally packing.

  30. Barcode

    The durability of this small polymailer is insane. Comes with inside bubble wraps to make your deliveries extra secure. Sizing fits true to description.

  31. Maddison

    Came quickly and exactly as advertised

  32. Scott

    Went to staples to try and find some bubble mailers to send out some video games I was selling. They wanted almost 15 bucks for 12 of them. Decided to check out amazon and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and quantity of these bubble mailers. They are just as good, if not better, than some of the more expensive variants you’ll find in stores.

  33. Nathan

    Worked perfect for mailing
    some of my ebay orders.

  34. jay cook

    I have purchased this product before and I am a return buyer I believe that it’s an excellent value I feel very confident when I sell stuff and I package it in this envelope the adhesive is very sticky they’re very light for shipping and like I said I will keep buying this product you can’t go wrong

  35. D Lee

    Loved these to mail small items that needed some cush. In they went and off they mailed – quite secure as the self stick was secure. Job was done at a great price!

  36. Amanda

    Great price for the number of envelopes you get. They are a good size for shipping small items.

  37. Carolyn J. Jordan

    Great for mailing small items and jewlery.

  38. alan fucile

    Bought these to ship metal buttons off my Etsy shop. Obviously I don’t get them on the receiving side, but I haven’t had any complaints from customers. Biggest thing it could probably hold is a 3×5 photo or a name badge.

  39. Alesada

    I haven’t used them yet but I’m sure they aren’t very different to what I get at the store. Great value.

  40. Diana Beck

    perfect for mailing rings, rocks a lot of small item

  41. DIYSC

    I used these to ship books (you know – UPS, Fed Ex, etc). They are very tough and survived the handling of shipment without damage.

  42. Amy B. Kellam

    These are great I use for shipping and these are great!!

  43. Donald L. Mccandless

    Just what I wanted to mail Thanksgiving and Christmas cards. So much cheaper than the kind the USPS sells.

  44. Sean Honsinger

    Works as intended and stays nice and sealed for all your shipping means

  45. Andrew Buboltz

    These have been great for my Etsy selling. The material resists tearing well and the adhesion seems great. No one has complained!

  46. Jamie Rosenow

    These poly bubble mailers are fantastic! Have an EBay item ship? No problem! They fold nicely to adjust to all different sizes and still look great in appearance. The are a great value for the price.

  47. Lauren Filippon

    It is a good product. Good quality. Fast delivery.

  48. Ellen

    I am a writer and when I published a journal, I needed a simple, durable and attractive way to ship copies. These are sized perfectly, make a good first impression, are lightweight, and easy to use. I am very happy with them and just purchased 50 more. Nice product!

  49. Loyalty Bath & Body Inc.

    For my business I do a lot f shipping with glass and small items. This is great for it. Its a small package size and i can get all of my products in it verses a 6x6x6 box.

  50. R. E. Johnson

    Very nice mailers for books and such. A little smaller than advertised but work well. Not for fragile stuff.

  51. Elise Keiser

    Very happy with this product great value for the money !

  52. TimeTravel0102

    I’ve gotten compliments on how nice these look when delivered – paired them with a logo sticker that had red on it too, as well as red tissue paper. The adhesion is great; they appear sturdy; and they stand out upon delivery. Will purchase again!

  53. Indigo Fatale

    Thinner than expected, but they still work fine.

  54. Alexa

    It’s definitely a little thinner than the pen gear brand but still seems good. I use cardboard pieces to keep packages straight so personally it’s still good for me but I wouldn’t recommend it by itself depending what you need it for.

  55. Garland

    Excellent way to send my customers their purchases with a little pizazz! Thanks

  56. Amy Chapman

    I think the bright color adds to the feeling that the recipient is getting something special.

  57. Buffy

    The bubble padding on these is very good. The sealing is also very good it doesn’t feel like the envelope will pop open. The blue-green color is fun. But they are a little pricey. Function-wise they’re what you want from a bubble envelope.

  58. Billy Nichol

    They are good bubble mailers. The adhesive is strong and doesn’t reopen, they won’t keep fragile pieces totally safe though. I had to switch to boxes after an item broke. This was my fault, not the mailer.

  59. JW

    Product itself is good. Disappointed to order box of 25 and only be sent 24.

  60. Sherry

    It’s not hard to count to 25, which is why I was surprised to find that I was shorted one envelope. I counted them 4 times to make sure I wasn’t overlooking one. I didn’t. There were definitely only 24 in the box.
    They are nice envelopes but the missing one makes it hard to give a 5 star review.

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